Eric (Ehsan) Qasemi
My Short Bio:

My name is Eric(Ehsan) Qasemi. I am currently pursuing my PhD. in computer science at University of Southern California (USC) under supervision of Prof. Pedro Szekely. My current research is focused at the intersection of Natural Language Processing (NLP),Machine Learning (ML), and Knowledge Graphs (KG) with focus on Machine Common Sense (MCS) reasoning as part of a DARPA program for MCS.

I am honored to get my masters in computer science and Computer Engineering from university of Winsconsin-Madison; and my BSc. in Elecetrical Engineering: Digital Systems from University of Tehran (UT). During my professional life, I have contributed to projects in BigData, Bioinformatics, Deep Learning, Computer Security, high-performance computing, embedded systems, secure hardware, data analysis, and computer architecture.

Feel free to check my GitHub and contact me if you want to talk about my projects.

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