Ehsan Qasemi
My Short Bio:

My name is Ehsan Qasemi. I am currently pursuing my PhD. in computer science at University of Southern California (USC) under supervision of Muhao Chen and Pedro Szekely. My current research is focused at the intersection of Natural Language Processing (NLP),Machine Learning (ML), and Knowledge Graphs (KG) with focus on Machine Common Sense (MCS) reasoning. My work has been partially funded by DARPA's Machine Common Sense (MCS) and Data-Driven Discovery of Models (D3M) programs.

Feel free to check my GitHub and reach out if you want to talk about my projects.


  • 7/2023
    Our paper "Traffic-Domain Video Question Answering with Automatic Captioning" has been accepted to ITSC 2023
  • 5/2023
    I passed my dissertation final defense on "multi - modal preconditioned inference of commonsense knowledge".
  • 12/2022
    Our paper "PaCo: Preconditions Attributed to Commonsense Knowledge" has been accepted to EMNLP2022
  • 11/2022
    Our paper "PInKS: Preconditioned Commonsense Inference with Minimal Supervision" has been accepted to AACL2022
  • 10/2022
    Starting my internship at Oracle as researcher. I will be working on AutoUnload feature and its recommender system
  • 5/23/2022
    Starting my second internship at Bosch LLC as researcher on hybrid AI
  • 1/5/2022
    I will be TA for CSCI544 ("Applied Natural Language Processing") for Spring 2022 at USC-Viterbi under M. Chen and R. Artstein
  • 12/15/2021
    Submitted two papers on commonsense inference to ARR
  • 10/4/2021
    Our short paper "CoreQuisite: Circumstantial Preconditions of Commonsense Knowledge" was accepted in WeNLP2021
  • 5/24/2021
    Starting my internship at Bosch LLC as researcher on hybrid AI
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