CSKG: Consolidating Commonsense Knowledge
  • -> Consolidate seven separate sources of commonsense knowledge into a first integrated CommonSense Knowledge Graph (CSKG)
  1. Ilievski F, Szekely P, Cheng J, Zhang F, Qasemi E. Consolidating Commonsense Knowledge. arXiv preprint arXiv:2006.06114. 2020 Jun 10.


Commonsense reasoning is an important aspect of building robust AI systems and isreceiving significant attention in the natural language understanding, computer vision, andknowledge graphs communities. At present, a number of valuable commonsense knowledge sources exist, with different foci, strengths, and weaknesses. In this paper, we listrepresentative sources and their properties. Based on this survey, we propose principlesand a representation model in order to consolidate them into a CommonSense KnowledgeGraph (CSKG). We apply this approach to consolidate seven separate sources into a firstintegrated CSKG. We present statistics of CSKG, present initial investigations of its utilityon four QA datasets, and list learned lessons


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