Deep Learning Features in Atmospheric Chemistry
  • -> Big data local-to-global methods in analysis and prediction of dynamics in atmospheric chemistry spatiotemporal data.
  1. Yu F, Thayer M, Qasemi E, Zhu K, Assadi A. Deep Learning Features in Atmospheric Chemistry: Prediction of Cancer Morbidity Due to Air Pollution. In2017 International Conference on Computational Science and Computational Intelligence (CSCI) 2017 Dec 14 (pp. 1764-1766). IEEE.


Atmospheric Chemistry is important in public health. This paper highlights methodology aspects from analysis of atmospheric chemistry data in China, its correlation with cancer morbidity data, and impact on future cancer morbidity rate that are due to changes in climate.Forthcoming papers use DL for prediction. Research on cancer and analysis of cancer morbidity are provided by Liu Yuxin, Zhaorong Zhu.


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