Deep Leaning in Art History
  • -> Study deep learning applications in elucidating the relationships among painting in the three periods
  • -> Big data local-to-global methods in analysis and prediction of dynamics using multiple modalities
  1. Yuchen S, Qasemi E, Ardalan A, Gao H, Assadi AH. Deep Learning Art History from Data: Baroque Intellectual Influence on the Romantic Era Painting. In2017 International Conference on Computational Science and Computational Intelligence (CSCI) 2017 Dec 14 (pp. 391-393). IEEE.


Baroque is a unique period for emergence of creative novelties in artistic ideas and technique improvement. Baroque art shows the influence of pre-Baroque period’s humanism perspective, and it exerted an extraordinary influence on art following it. In the following, computational intelligence and deep learning are applied to elucidate the relationships among painting in the three periods. We outline the methodology and reports a successful preliminary study from limited data, which explored the concepts/techniques that have remained, or disappeared during the historical changes, and elucidated the connection among the Pre-Baroque, Baroque Period and Post-Baroque Periods.


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